Sunday, October 02, 2005

True Story

Near where I catch the bus in to work everyday, on the corner of Beechwood and Lilac, there's a utility box. The other day I noticed that some wag had glued a little poster to it which read, exactly:

Just think,
You've waisted five
seconds of your life
reading this poster.

Actually, it took me somewhat less than one second not only to read the poster, but also correct the spelling of "wasted." I'm assuming "INFEKT" is a clever, intentional misspelling for dramatic effect. So I thought I'd write this blog so that both of my readers would share my appreciation that Infekt, whomsoever he or she may be, is lacking one of the primary qualities necessary to be a deep and subversive manipulator of social consciousness: an IQ higher than that of a grapefruit on a warm day. It might take YOU five whole seconds to read and understand a dozen words, Infekt, you mouth-breather, but such a skill bodes ill for your nefarious plans to plant subversion-memes in our defenseless brains so that we will... what? Be more lax in our spelling? Besides, I was waiting for the stoplight anyway, so I really didn't waste, or waist, any time at all.

But then I realized that it took me about FIVE MINUTES to write and post this blog.

You've won this round, Infekt.

Marx out.