Saturday, February 25, 2006


Les Freres Corbusier, a theatre group in New York, is producing right now a show called "HeddaTRON," a first of its kind. In the famous Ibsen drama, half the characters are actually played by large robots programmed with the dialogue. Now, I admit that some Ibsens I've seen APPEARED to have been performed by robots. Anyway, I have some suggestions for Les Freres for the next text they should tackle in their cyborgian enterprise.

A Doll's Mouse
'night, Motherboard
Barefoot in the Port
The Merchant of Virus
The Rocky Hypertext Show
Three Gigabyte Opera
Riders from the C Drive
Curse of the Silicon Class
Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I Want to Get Off
'Tis Pity She's a Mac
Spam, a lot
The Iceman.cometh
Fool for RAM
Uncle Tom's Inbox
Mourning Becomes Electrons
Long Day's Journey into Byte
Suicide in BASIC
Charlotte's Website of the Western World
Cat on a Bot Tin Roof
Some Like it Bot
Variations on the Death of Botsky
Ibsen's Ghosts (In The Machine)
Waiting for Geardot
Downloading at Lughnasa
The King and IBM
Suite In Press Any Three Keys to Continue
Lady Windemere’s Fanbelt
She Stoops to be PC-Compatible
The Stronger (by Strindborg)

Thanks Tina, Dave, Brian, Tim, Lavina, and others.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Top Ten Worst Battlestar Galactica Colonial Convoy Ship Names

Don't forget to reply to one of the previous two posts to log your BSG Worst Callsigns: when we get to 100 I'll post them as a single entry. As for the ship names, here are some of the plucky freighter ID's you'll rarely see featured in the series, but they're pluggin' along toward Earth just the same:

10. The Irreconcilable Differences
9. The Cash-Up-Front
8. The Slip of the Tongue
7. The Lallapalooza
6. The Home Cooking
5. The Maternity Ward
4. The Runner-Up
3. The Low Gas Mileage
4. The Star Wars Ripoff
3. The Local Franchise
2. The Holy Shit
1. The Shut-Up-And-Drive

So now we have this overheard wireless chatter: "Attention, Colonial Freighter Irreconcilable Differences, this is Viper Captain Nutsack. You have been ordered to rendesvous with The Maternity Ward at 0600." "Nutsack, this is Holy Shit, we have incoming dradis contacts." "Nutsack, Skidmark. Watch your six!" "I can't shake em!" BOOM. "Nutsaaaack! Nuuuuutsaaaack!" [radio cuts out].

Man, I wish I could sleep. This is a terrible misuse of the internet. END TRANSMISSION

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ten More Worst Battlestar Galactica Callsigns

10. Skidmarks
9. Bookworm
8. Near Miss
7. Pocket Protector
6. Bifocals
5. College Try
4. Wedgie
3. Honorable Mention
2. Guide Dog
1. Miss Congeniality

Thanks again, Tina. Tina obviously doesn't have enough work to do. And thanks to Tin Foil for "Nutsack" and the new ten in the comments from last post. And thanks to L&D for the idea of "Nutsack" being a callsign. Who's got ten more?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Top Ten Worst Battlestar Galactica Callsigns

10. Yellow Streak
9. Turdblossom
8. Cut-n-Run
7. Nutsack
6. Nancy Boy
5. Care Bear
4. No-Fly Zone
3. Loose Sphincter
2. Librarian
1. Abramoff

(thanks, Tina)